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Beware of Girl.

Oh, I bite.

♪♪ kelly ♪♪
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oh, i'm sorry my name is kelly.
and i'm pretty much a big deal.

Call me kferg, or call me whatever, just don't call me out. Beware, I'm bent, just not broken. I'm torn, not ripped. I'm sparkly, but don't shine. I'm special, but I'm nothing special.

I know I'm strange, and I couldn't care less what you say about it, because no matter what you say, or how much medication I'm on, I will still screw up. When my standards are low, don't try to bring them up only to end up disapointing me. I'll be hurt. But you can't break me.

This is my emo profile. Enjoy.

So yeah, MySpace it!

let's go. don't wait. this night is almost over.